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UKLS are a HP trusted and qualified HP reseller who are authorised to consult, sell and support across all of HP's products and solutions. UKLS are guaranteed to ensure you receive the best possible level of business engagement as you would expect from HP.

We provide guaranteed next -day shipping and the most competitive prices. We offer the full range of HP toners together with our alternative own brand compatibles to offer you the best option if you're looking for cheap and reliable printer cartridges. Place your order before 5:30pm Monday - Friday and you’ll receive it on the next working day for items that are in-stock.

Why Choose HP Originals?

When you are buying a HP toner cartridge you are not just paying for the cartridge, but the development of the printing technology behind the catridge that yields a number of benefits​​​​​​​

Which HP Toner should I buy?

The best way to find out which HP cartridge you need is to look at which LaserJet cartridge is currently in your machine. By opening the toner compartment cover inside your printer you will see the toner that is currently installed. The cartridge will have a specific code normally located on the side facing outwards. Once you find your product code, type it into the cartridge finder above to find your toner and add it to your basket.

Alternatively, our cartridge finder will allow you to enter your printer make or model and be guided to necessary toner/ink cartridge that  you need.

How Long will your HP toner last?

There are many factors that can affect how long your HP toner will last. The age of your printer and quality of the cartridge being the most notable. To calculate how many days your HP printer cartridge will last, divide the manufacturers print capacity found on our product page by the average number of pages you print per day. 

  • The HP ‘A’ range: these products print twice the number of pages than the economy range of HP toners.
  • The HP ‘D’ range: dual packs that contain two ‘A’ toners at a discounted price.
  • The HP ‘X’ range: HP toner for those who run large print jobs and would prefer not to keep ordering new cartridges.

The ‘X’ range offer twice the capacity of ‘A’ cartridges at a lower cost for each page.

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